We believe in people and we want to unleash all their potential. “Never stop exploring”.

We collaborate and invest in amazing human beings working tirelessly to solve large problems. “Being fearless when you are most afraid is the best hack”.

We never stop learning and thanks to all the amazing founders in our network we are always being challenged. “Become learning machines”.

We are in the business of improving the future of humankind. “Plant trees you will never see”.

YNN stands for Why Not Now.


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What and How.

<aside> 💡 We like to join the founding team on day 1. We ❤️ the early days!


We invest.

Small tickets of $10-50k. We love writing the very first check. We also bring amazing people to co-invest with us.

We build together.

We are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs. We like to operate and go hands-on with founders.

We mentor.

We have extensive mentoring experience with accelerator programs, large corporations, and organizations. We have a global network of founders, experts, and professionals that collaborate with us.

We have designed a collaboration framework around long-term vision, milestones, and challenges. The material is ongoing experimentation aiming to find the best format to unlock everyone's full potential - it's far from complete but we like how it's evolving over lots of interactions and inputs.

Open to feedback, we happily share it with the world -

Collaboration Framework

A special thanks to Marcelo Franco at Verve Capital for all the amazing partnerships we have celebrated.

<aside> 🚣🏾‍♀️ “Daniel was the first person outside our family circle who believed in Esporte Educa. Counting on his support, experience, and vision from the beginning has been fundamental in our trajectory. I could highlight his great capacity to model scenarios, but his experience can tell us this. I prefer to pontificate on his enormous heart and how he defends the entrepreneur.” - Ivan Ballesteros - Founder of Esporte Educa